Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Changes to the layout

This blog has become a great deal of fun for me. I am constantly trying to find just the right "widget" for the right hand column. Then sometimes "one more" is just "too much". Today's adventure leads me to the expansion of the "header" to include a view of the passage in front of the Casita. This photo was taken in April 2007, the year it rained all spring and summer (I will remember it as the year I decided I could not live in Seattle.... Please keep those aircraft manufacturing jobs in Texas. {Enough of my political rantings....})

If you will notice, the rose petals on the ground. Those are from the Old Blush - Climber. It "cleans" itself of the old blooms very nicely. Makes the ground underneath look like a wedding just passed through.

Smelling the Roses