Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lenten Rose

Flower buds are said to resemble a rose bud before opening. Pulling up her face for a picture, Helleborus orientalis always provides a flower for me in my own garden just as Lent is ending. (Wish we had received these plants earlier so everyone could experience this.)

Plant in shade in South Central Texas as it will burn in the sun. If you have to transplant, it will take quite some time to recover.

Here are some more shots of the nursery, taken Friday. Not really liking the color this camera gives me. But it is the small one I can put in my pocket.

Red on left are double maroon poppies, yellow is columbine. Pink rose is Old Blush. Blue is Salvia farinacea.

Bottle tree in full bloom. Pink by the cedar fence is a Dianthus called Amazon Neon "Rose Magic". I will get a closer shot for you today. Pink rose on the arbor in the center is Cecile Brunner Climber.

Smelling the Roses