Monday, June 22, 2009

Gazebo Roses

6-9-09 View of Gazebo

The Antique Rose Emporium in San Antonio sits on the rocky side of IH-35. All of our plantings have done well as we have brought in tons of soil, compost and mulch from Garden-Ville. As I remind those shopping for a climbing rose... their roots are a mirror image of the plant. So if you want a climber that is 20 feet tall make certain the roots will be able to grow 20 feet in the soil. If 2 feet down is rock.... you will be really unhappy with the look of the rose in a few years. As soon as the roots realize they can go no further the plant will decline. This is the story of the Crepescule on our gazebo. Planted in 2001 it reached its glory in 2005:

April 2005. Nice.

6-22-09 - Blush Noisette blooming despite the 90-100 degree temps!

So if you want a climber, do you have deep soil and how tall do you want the rose to ultimately grow? Climbers start at about 8' and some will not stop until the canes are almost 30' long.

YaYa - How tall and large blooms or small blooms?

Smelling the Roses