Sunday, June 7, 2009

Saturday photos

OK... These were not all taken on Saturday. Just a few random shots I have downloaded from my phone today. Color quality is not as good as my Olympus but the phone is handy.

This photo was taken at 9:46 a.m. This guy was basking in the morning sun and I am certain he was liking the heat the can was collecting as well.

Fresh deliveries of heat loving plants are still arriving. All kinds of fun Echineacea x purpurea with names like Sundown (the one in the photo), Big Sky (tm) After Midnight, Mac and Cheese, August Moon, etc. You really have got to see the selection. The colors are amazing.

Ever wonder what the inside of an bloomed out artichoke looks like? See the cross section above. Looks like a few of the flowerettes were pollinated as a few "seeds" have formed.

Bloom of a "Lily of the Nile" (agapanthus) just about to open. Can you say opulent?


Smelling the Roses