Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Just the beginning....

'Rose à Parfum de l'Hay' is giving me another bloom in spite of all this heat. One of the other branches had some blooms. Some opened and some suffered with a lack of regular watering:

Just snip off the dried buds and hope for a little rain shower.

The bee balm in the garden has finished blooming, has become very leggy and has covered some of the verbena planted next to it. I have since cut it down to the ground to reveal new growth down at mulch level:

Removing the top growth cleans up the look of the plant and reduces (somewhat) the moisture the plant will need to support itself through the drought.

Salvia farinacea here is going through the same cut back.

I could leave half of the plant cut back so the area did not look so barren. I could come back in a few weeks and cut the rest back as the new growth fills in the area.

But I chose to cut back all the thicker leggy branches to leave young tender sprouts to fill in for now.

Smelling the Roses