Wednesday, July 15, 2009


It is incredibly hot outside. It would seem like the last thing to do right now is to even think about planting tomatoes. My dear friends, gardening is belief in the future.

Come out now to get the best selection of tomatoes. Pot them up into one gallon pots (we have some for you to use) and grow them up a bit. If it still remains too hot, pot them up into a 5 gallon bucket. Remember to keep fertilizing them as they are growing up to be your tomatoes for this fall.

Fertilizer.... you are probably watering your gardening a bit these days. Take some time to put out some organic fertilizer to supplement the soil. Cut back your unproductive tomato plants, fertilize and get them ready for some better weather to come. I promise it will be here soon.

Sorry, I have been away so long. I appreciate you all checking in.

Smelling the Roses