Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Saturday in the gardens

Opened a little early for a morning wedding.

Philippine violet (Baleria cristata) with its fall bloom just out the back door of the sales office.

Sylvester is supervising the wedding set-up.

The beautiful bride is here taking pre-wedding photos.

After the wedding, took a walk through the parking lot. Luckenbach Rambler is providing a nice show of color.

A closer look. A "found rose" only occasionally for sale at The Antique Rose Emporium.

Bridal photographer with her subject in the Blue Courtyard. (Call for appointments!)

To top off my day a visit from some Austin bloggers.

From left to right, front to back: Jenny of Rock Rose, Laura of Some Like It Hot, Diana of Sharing Nature’s Garden, Caroline of The Shovel-Ready Garden, Meredith of Great Stems, Eleanor of Garden of E, Lori of The Gardener of Good and Evil, MSS of Zanthan Gardens, Rachel of In Bloom, Amy of Go Away, I’m Gardening!, and Pam Penick of Digging.

Take a moment to check out their blog posts. Their photography is great.

Smelling the Roses