Friday, January 29, 2010

Bermuda's mystery*

Truly a mystery is how a rose that does well in Bermuda can remain an evergreen shrub through 20 degree temperatures in our Central Texas gardens. Smith's Parrish is considered by some a China-Tea class rose. The dense bush is happiest at 4 - 6 feet tall and wide.

Small blooms are commonly white with a pale blush or streak of pink to true red. As the boss says, "A solid red rose is an exception rather than the rule, but all the more exciting when it occurs!"
As I was doing a little research on the internet about this rose I found the "FlowerLady's Musings" had Smith's Parrish on her radar today also. As she is in South Florida you can enjoy her photos taken today. (My rose photo has been taken from our internet catalog.) See her post here.

*Read more about the mystery of Roses in Bermuda on the Roses in Bermuda website.

Smelling the Roses