Friday, April 23, 2010

Set-up for King William Fair

I have never personally been to the King William Fair (part of Fiesta in San Antonio) as it always is held on a Saturday. Hard to work retail and get to festivals on the weekends. This year we were invited to participate in the KWF in their new "Green" area and asked if we would like to be a sponsor. One way to participate as a sponsor is to decorate a stage.

This is the left front corner of "Pat's Pub" stage on Johnson Street off King William Avenue. Not certain what it will look like tomorrow after the "front" blows through. (I was told later - the sound crew is getting rid of my display as their speakers must sit there. )

This is my decoration of the right front corner of the King William Fair stage. (No pressure here.) If you have noticed I took two stages. Might as well make a big entrance.

It was 90 degrees at 5 pm and the roses were a little unhappy with the higher temperature today. We will all be perkier tomorrow morning.

If you are in the San Antonio area and want more info about the King William Fair click here. I will take my camera and have some photos to share.

Smelling the Roses