Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Smith's Parrish

Smith's Parrish is the green shrub in the center of the photo. If you notice the white blooms above - this is a branch (or two) of Smith's Parrish that got trained up to the top of the walkway. Since this part of the rose was not pruned it has started to bloom first. So as you can see roses can grow very tall if not kept at their best height. This photo taken 4/8/10.

These roses were photographed today - they are on the "shrub".

Never know where her stripe will appear, or

how much color will actually appear on each flower.

This spent flower was probably pretty spectacular when it was first open.

The "shrub" today - you see the top has already peeked.

A view of a bench sitting under Smith's Parrish complete with birdhouse. Form and function. One of Tom's handiwork.

View of the petals falling below. Fiesta!

Have a birdhouse for the world to see?

Smelling the Roses