Friday, May 14, 2010


From the Chrysler Imperial to the recent marketing of The Knock Out® Family of Roses, we respond to marketing.

"The interesting development in this year's (1953) ad campaign is the introduction of the Chrysler Imperial Rose in horticultural circles as a tie-in to the promotion of the car (presumably with the female portion of the automotive purchase decision making process). This was not the first time that women had been included in the marketing strategy, and they would continue to do so increasingly through the '50's and '60's in fashion and style tie-ins."

"Chrysler Imperial was the first rose used in the advertising and promotion of a major consumer product - the Chrysler Imperial automobile. It is a very refined Hybrid Tea bush with large (4" - 5") dark red and highly fragrant flowers. Chrysler Imperial was raised by Dr. Walter E. Lammerts and introduced by Germain's (United States) in 1952. The plant is an erect bush that will grow to heights between 5' and 9'."

Chrysler Imperial rose in the San Antonio display gardens today.

Information quoted from The Imperial Club web page.

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