Monday, October 7, 2013

Fall vs. Spring Planting

Nurserymen, landscapers and all
those involved in horticulture proclaim
“Fall is for planting – Spring is for admiring.”
Even with such widespread and enthusiastic declaration, 70% of our sales still occur in the spring. We would love to reverse this ratio by strongly encouraging everyone to plant now.
• Fall planting leads to bigger, more well-established plants as evident by their spring performance
• Higher plant survival rates when planted in the fall
• Amount of watering needed to establish plants is less when planted in the fall
• Bigger and more abundant blooms on plants when planted in the fall
This spring you can avoid the crowds at the garden center while relaxing in the luxury of your fall planted Eden.
Don’t believe us? Let us prove it to you. We are seeking 20 people to participate in a fall vs spring experiment. Your commitment would be to purchase any rose this fall, plant it accordingly and take note of how it is progressing. Come spring, we will send you the same rose (our gift) for you to plant and then compare its performance, throughout the year, to that of the fall rose. We will contact you later to collect your findings so this feedback can be shared with our gardening audience.
Interested? Send your name, email address, state of residency, phone number and rose selection to
(John Doe,, CA, 999-999-9999, Old Blush) 
Those selected for this trial will be contacted by phone this fall.

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