Thursday, May 21, 2009

Cashmere Bouquet

Mexican Hydrangea, Mexicali Rose (Clerodendrum bungei). Three to four tall with pom-pom size blooms that do smell like the old bath powder with the same name. This will take a great deal of shade.

One big caution. It is invasive. Plant it in an area you would like alot of these great big blooms and the new shoots that run and fill the bed and the lawn around the bed. It can travel a bit of a distance before it reappears but it is easy to dig up.

I have mine in a large planter with a saucer under it. A friend of mine kept hers in a pot but no saucer. The root went out the bottom of the pot and grew into the ground surrounding the pot.

Sometimes beauty comes with a price.

Smelling the Roses