Monday, May 18, 2009

Hearlding the month of May

Lilium Trumphator is about 4' tall here by the door of the Sales Office. The fragrance is heavenly. Think of a "Star Gazer" lily only with a shade bit more purple. One gallon pots are $9.99.

The petunias are not over. Just plant these beauties in the summer shade and enjoy their lush color. These were a special purchase - quart pots are $1.50.

If you would like summer sun color then you must have these one gallon Profusion Zinnias in bright oranges, yellows and pink. Special deal - $4.99 gallon pots. We also have these great colors in 4" for $1.50.Lots of great summer color for $1.50. Vinca (Titan), portulaca, celosia (including the tallest 6' variety), gomphrena - all in all the colors you can imagine.

Smelling the Roses