Sunday, May 3, 2009

Juliet tomatoes

Ok, there are way too many plants in this pot but I am trying to prove a point. The point is "fertilize". This pot gets at least one dose of some kind of fertilizer each week when I fertilize the 4" herbs. (This is also the tomato that I doctored with the "Plant Wash" earlier this season.)

This pot has large leaf basil, aussie sweetie basil, garlic, italian and greek oregano and a Juliet tomato plant. I prune and pinch the basils and oreganos to maintain the air circulation in these close quarters.
While I was trimming the basils back I noticed these! Juliet is a great tasting tomato. Not as acidy as most tomatoes. Back to the point... Potted plants need food especially if you push their limits.

Smelling the Roses