Monday, May 4, 2009

Saturdays photos

Persian Jewels (Nigella damascena) have reseeded and are in full bloom in the garden behind the Shade Plant area in the nursery. Not too late to get some seeds in the ground so you can have your own jewels.

Pigeon Berry (Rivina humilis) Phytolaccaceae (Pokeweed) Family is called "Coralito" in Mexico. Likes the shade and well drained soil. Pretty bronze foliage in fall and winter.

Cat's Whiskers (Orthosiphon stamineus) Lamiaceae Family. This member of the mint family would be happy in some shade or if in full sun make certain it is in rich garden soil with a supply of water. If used as a xeric plant you will not get any blooms.

I have learned to plant it in a pot and bring it into my house during the winter. It does not suffer from being indoors as some plants do during the winter. (I have not been able to keep it alive in my unheated greenhouse. ) In my research I have found information stating Cat's Whiskers is hardy to USDA Zone 9.

Smelling the Roses