Wednesday, August 26, 2009

People with Yard Art Unite!

Taking a break from photographing crispy brown plants today with a little side trip on the internet. With our "Celebrate Art in the Garden" festival coming up in September I thought we could all use a little whimsical inspiration.

Felder Rushing.... (link to see a before and after of his front yard) horticulturist/gardening book author/radio and TV host. Read the New York Times article.

His front yard - view from the street.

A true inspiration for yard art collectors. Felder is a friend of The Antique Rose Emporium and has been a guest speaker at both San Antonio's and Brenham's fall rose festivals. Lives in Jackson Mississippi and has a local weekly radio show. Make plans to see him if you ever get the chance.

The girls from GardenRant say it best:

I heard Felder speak at Lewis Ginter Botanic Garden recently and took furious notes about his gardening style and philosophy. Some highlights:

  • We're a nation not of gardeners but of lawn-mowers...and that's work, not fun. He learned back in the '70s to "Just say no to grass."
  • He designed his front yard to look good from the house, not from the street - because he doesn't care how it looks to his neighbors.
  • He edges his garden not with "monkey grass" but with a little train that can carry two beers and some ice.
  • He scoffs at soil tests. After asking the audience "Who's actually tested their soil?" and getting an underwhelming response, he declared that "People aren't buying this stuff we're telling them."
  • He's pro-dandelions. "Don't call ChemLawn!" If you have weeds in the lawn just plant daffodils around them and call them companions.
  • Gardens should have accents. His garden holds 10 bottle trees and one "rubber tree" - a big stack of tires, which he adorns for Christmas.
  • He loves ponds and the frogs and dragonflies they attract.
  • And he looooves outdoor fires, declaring them to be at least as interesting to watch as "people arguing and blowing themselves up on TV."

Felder speaking out of the back of his truck at Cornell University - Living Sculpture Workshop 7/22/09 - Videos if you have the time. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

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My favorite quote - about rose pruning - "You can prune roses with cherry bombs and they will still bloom."

Felder's books

Y'all stay cool.

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