Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Top dressing

Got permission to redo "my" little garden. Tried a few themes like "edible flowers" or "cutting garden" in the past. I never really got a good show with the either grouping as there are never enough kinds available all year round. (Some only like our summers, some only for a short time in the winter.)

So I am going with bright, bold and fragrant while using as much grey foliages as possible. This little garden gets sun all day in parts, shade all day under the tangerine tree and the front bakes in the afternoon.

Got a yard of manure compost from a local soil company. Tom spread it out and said he would plant everything if I placed it. We decided to not till the compost into the soil as it will percolate down in time. The heat from the compost will hopefully keep the little plants warm for the next few nights.

Smelling the Roses